The 2018 Election is Drawing Near

The days are growing short until the crucial midterm election on Nov 6, 2018. We have to get out the Philadelphia vote in larger numbers than ever before if we’re going to re-elect Governor Wolf and Senator Casey. Philly Neighborhood Networks has a plan to engage you, our faithful, committed volunteers in doing this vital work.   Please read on to see how you can pitch in!

Professional staff is already on the job getting ready to organize the work ahead. We’re pleased to let you know that Philly NN has hired Tim Brown to be its election campaign coordinator. Tim is one of the most experienced organizers in the Philadelphia area, having worked to promote progressive candidates and issues in the area for more than 10 years.

Tim has both a short-term and long-term strategy for winning elections. They both depend on deep involvement by hundreds of folks like you in getting out the vote. He’ll be building a virtual vote-producing machine – an infrastructure of voting, if you will, – ward by ward, division by division, starting in Northwest Philadelphia.

The sad fact is that this is a job that can’t be left to the Democratic Party. One statistic puts that point in bold relief. In 2016, Trump won PA by a little more than 40,000 votes. At the same time the Party left more than 250,000 registered Philadelphia voters home. 250,000 voters! That is horrendous political malpractice and we’ve been paying for it ever since.

It wasn’t always like this. The Party used to be a turnout powerhouse. Its secret was that it found people in every neighborhood in the City who would knock the doors of their neighbors in every election cycle to get them to the polls. And guess what? Every study that’s been done shows that that technique is the very best there is for building turnout.

And that’s what Tim is going to be leading us to recreate, a neighbor-to-neighbor turnout dynamo. He’s going to help us build it first for 2018, but then keep growing it so that never again need we confront a situation where we lose elections simply because our neighbors don’t come out to vote.


  1. VOLUNTEER FOR THE FALL 2018 CAMPAIGN. Click here and tell us what you can do. You’ll hear back from us soon.
  2. DONATE TO HELP FUND NN’S GOTV CAMPAIGN. No secret here: It takes money to pay Tim and produce materials. If you can give $10, $15, $25, $100 that would be great. Even better would be a recurring donation letting us know we can count on you for the long-term. Click here to pitch in.

It’s all hands on deck as we all get ready to make a difference in the midterm elections and many elections to come. We welcome you on board.


Stan Shapiro

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