Political Candidates

NN has an endorsement process. On this site we post the responses we get to our questionnaires we send to candidates and we  list our endorsements.

NN Endorsement Process

  1. NN begins in the late Fall before a Primary election to find out who has declared candidacy for key state and local elections. We have sometimes encouraged individuals to run for office.
  2. We present all candidates with a lengthy questionnaire tailored to the office, current issues and our policy initiatives.
  3. After reviewing candidate responses, we invite each applicant to meet with a small groups of knowledgeable NN senior members to explain their responses and why we should endorse them.
  4. On occasion we will sponsor candidate forums to allow a larger audience to hear from the candidates directly.
  5. After meeting all applicants for endorsement, the NN interviewer groups pool their notes, discuss what they have learned from the written and in-person responses and make a presentation to the Steering Committee.
  6. The Steering Committee will then send endorsement recommendations via the internet to the NN membership along with the materials submitted by the candidates.
  7. The membership then votes on a slate
  8. After tallying the vote, we inform the candidates and the public of our endorsement.


Larry Krasner for District Attorney

Our city has the highest incarceration rate in the country. Larry Krasner is running on a platform of ending the current system of mass incarceration that targets black and brown communities. Instead, he will promote programs and policies that provide rehabilitation, not excessive and counter-productive punishment.

Specifically, Krasner will end the system of cash bail that keeps too many low-income people stuck in jail without convictions, supports an end to stop-and-frisk policing, and will divert low level drug offenders for treatment, not punishment.

Larry Krasner has a 30-year track record of standing up for people’s movements. As a civil rights attorney, he has defended for free thousands of people who have engaged in civil disobedience for social movements — from Black Lives Matter to Occupy to Act Up to those arrested protesting school closures. He is intimately familiar with the problems in the DA’s office that he has pledged to clean up.

We see all too many politicians talk the talk. Krasner has spent thirty years demonstrating to us that he will walk the walk. We can believe his promises won’t be empty ones and that Larry Krasner will bring real change to the DA’s office.

Krasner’s Response to Our Candidate Questionnaire

Krasner Questionnaire

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