People’s Platform Summary

A People’s Platform for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Our Country — 2018

Each plank in this platform contains a vision statement as well as steps on the path which include both long and short-term actionable goals at Federal, State and Local levels. This is and will continue to be a work in progress as circumstances evolve and more voices are added.

  1. Building a truly representative democracy for all regardless of identity or origin, with an emphasis on expanding voting rights.
  • Vision: all private money out of politics; universal voter registration
  • Steps: reinvigorate the Voting Rights Act; make voting more accessible; end gerrymandering; hack-proof voting machines; public funding of election campaigns
  1. Ending Structural Racism
  • Vision: end predatory policing and mass incarceration; reparations to African American and Native American communities;
  • Steps: full and fair redistribution of all public resources; end gerrymandering; massive public investment in poor communities of color; better monitoring of, and redress for, racist practices at all levels of government and in private enterprise.
  1. Ending All Forms of Discrimination and Oppression
  • Vision: freedom from racial, religious, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic discrimination, abuse and harassment; freedom of bodily autonomy regardless of gender identity or ableism.
  • Steps: enshrine the ADA in the Federal and State Constitutions; strengthen laws and agencies that protect people with disabilities and victims of gender-based violence; insure medically accurate sex education and information; repeal all laws that limit or deny reproductive health services including abortion; make over the counter emergency contraception readily available.
  1. Economic Justice
  • Vision: shared prosperity; guaranteed full employment; a living wage; increase the minimum wage; pay equity for women; hunger-free communities; free childcare and k-college education.
 Centerpiece: a Universal Basic Income paired with comprehensive public services.
  • Steps: restructure tax codes to progressively tax income and wealth; overturn all anti-labor laws such as Taft-Hartley and “right to work” statutes; increase the minimum wage; enact New Deal type public works program; uncap the Social Security Tax; establish nationwide network of state and public banks.
  1. Break Free from Fossil Fuels.
  • Vision: a just transition to a democratically controlled sustainable future.
  • Steps: end all subsidies to, divest all public funds from, fossil fuel companies; ban all future fossil fuel development; ramp up public investment in renewables, conservation and mitigation; ban, tax and aggressively regulate carbon emitting industries; Stop the SEPTA Gas Plant.
  1. Quality Education for All
  • Vision: Full and fair funding of all public schools including Community and Public Colleges; end the school to prison pipeline, end privatization of education by phasing out all funding for Charter schools, and other “school choice” programs
  • Steps: end high stakes testing; reduce class sizes; meals and health care for every student; public libraries in every school; remove police from schools, abolish the SRC; abolish student debt.
Decent Housing for All

  • Vision: Guarantee decent housing as a right.
  • Steps: Promote rent control, limited equity housing coops, land trusts, and urban farming; end the siting of toxic development in low income neighborhoods.

8. Health Care for All

  • Vision: recognition of health care as a human right; comprehensive, free health care to include reproductive health care, including abortion, addiction care, gun control, accessible, wrap-around health services and the right to healthy food for all.
  • Steps: fully fund Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, then enact Medicare for All; rescind all laws designed to deny reproductive rights or promote gender/identity based discrimination; increase support for and community and school-based care, nutritional, addiction and mental health services.
  1. Equal Justice for All
  • Vision: law enforcement and criminal justice system free from excessive force, racial discrimination, police brutality, mass incarceration and prison for-profit corporations.
  • Steps: mandate restorative justice and reentry programs; abolish cash bail, excessive sentencing, solitary confinement, and mandatory minimums; decriminalize drugs and other addiction or poverty-driven crimes. Hold police and prosecutors accountable for their crimes.
  1. The right to a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants
  • Vision: The right to dignity, safety, and justice for all immigrants of all statuses.
  • Steps : enact the DREAM Act; no ban, no wall, no sanctions on Sanctuary Cities; meaningful legal representation for all immigrants and refugees, end arbitrary detention, close private prisons, freeze hiring and funding for CBP, ICE and USCIS until extensive reforms are implemented; Municipal IDs and expanded rights for non-citizens including fair labor practices.
  1. The right to unionize and collectively bargain
  • Vision: All workers shall have the right to organize, free from interference by employers, including the right to strike; constitutional amendment guaranteeing a living wage.
  • Steps: National Labor Relations Board must certify, without an election, a labor organization to be the exclusive representative of employees who sign cards seeking such representation; enhanced enforcement of OSHA protections; eliminate wage theft.
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