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Pennsylvania is a State filled with inequality.  Richer school districts often receive more education funding from the State at the expense of needier districts.   Philadelphia and the surrounding counties contribute more revenues to the State through business, income, and sales taxes than any other region of the State, yet we receive only a fraction of that money back in Government services.   While our General Assembly complains about Federal interference in local issues, it constantly enacts legislation to limit the independence of its municipalities.  And even though there are over 900,000 more Democrats in Pennsylvania that any other group, our legislature and Congressional delegation are overwhelmingly Republican.   To address these inequalities, Turning PA Blue is working with our suburban allies to build upon the successes that Neighborhood Networks has enjoyed in Philadelphia, through the identification of progressive candidates, voter registration and engagement, and ancillary services such as research and publicity.



Dec 2017


The holiday season is always a good time to reflect upon the past year, especially when national events overshadow what is happening in our own back yard.  This email highlights some of the reasons why we are trying to turn PA Blue, and summarizes upon the results of our efforts (particularly the May and November...


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Nov 2017


The Pennsylvania Republicans have been offering us some sneak previews of their strategy for winning the 2018 State elections. A summary of this strategy appeared in an Inquirer op-ed by Laura Ellsworth, a Pittsburgh lawyer who hopes to be the Republican candidate for Governor. She writes, “And the so-called budget that just resulted from [Governor...


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