NN follows a set of principles and we mobilize to influence government to align with those aims, This requires that we operate on two different levels – issue advocacy and electoral politics.  We work to advance progressive ideas and programs and we identify and support political candidates who can turn those programs into legislation.   This dual focus is necessary to advance a progressive agenda and it distinguishes us from groups that work on one or the other.

Why We Organize

What do we need to do to regain political power to create a more peaceful, just, and tolerant world? Some say we need a better message, some say we need better candidates, and some say we need better organization, that is, to create institutions that seek to educate and mobilize citizens to support liberal candidates and public policies. We believe all three are important.  But we think that organization is the one task that citizens who do not do politics full time might best focus on.

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Thanks to the Website Development Team

The NN website was developed and is maintained by a group of NN members. Special Thanx to the Website Development & Design Team: Connie Bille, Chris Hill, Heather Johnson, Margaret Lenzi, Sean Reid, Stan Shapiro. And a shout out to the moderators of the webpages that keep this website running:  Tonya Bah, Connie Bille, Margaret Lenzi, Coleman Poses, Stan Shapiro, Walter Tsou.

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