What We Do Now

What We Are Doing

We work hard to elect candidates who share our vision. We vet, endorse, and then work for these candidates.  We often open an NN election office from which we run canvasses, phone banking and Get Out The Vote for our endorsed candidates.  We have been involved in successful campaigns to nominate and elect Helen Gym to City Council, Art Haywood to the State Senate, and Chris Rabb to the State House. We were a major force in the coalition that helped Larry Krasner win the Democratic nomination for District Attorney.

On issues, our activists engage through our Action Groups. Here is a recent sampling:

  • Moving City money from the Wall Street banks to the custody of a Philadelphia public bank;
  • Dissolving the School Reform Commission and returning control of the School District to the people of Philadelphia;
  • Identifying progressive candidates for the State House in Philadelphia and in the suburbs
  • Having all electric generation in City-owned properties driven by renewable energy by 2030.

On the Issue Groups web pages, you will learn what NN members and allies are doing around specific topics and be able to engage in conversation and share information on your chosen issues.

Meetings and Events

Neighborhood Network meetings are informative and they can be fun.  Local NN groups get together with potlucks in people’s homes or in community spaces like churches, community centers, libraries.  We may plan special events like NN Comedy Night where we can be treated to some local stand-up political comedy, or we may plan a Symposium on Gun Violence or a Candidate’s Forum


During campaign season we may open temporary offices where we meet to phone bank or team up with partners and pick up walk-lists for door-to-door campaigning.


Sometimes our members will organize a small group and make an appointment with a city councilperson, state representative or US senator’s staff and lobby directly for our initiatives.

Street Theater

In cooperation with groups like MoveOn we have participated in street theater demonstrations.  On the threshold of a Center City bank, we watched the Big Bad Wolf blow down Little Piggy’s home with foreclosure on a predatory loan.

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