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Every four years the nation focuses on the race for the White House, but NN understands that political power starts with the committee person, ward leader, city councilperson, district attorney, mayor, judge, state legislators, governor and judges at all state levels – and that these are important races that we can influence.  So we endorse and assist down-ballot progressive candidates in primaries and off-year races as well as those in the major national contests for Congress, Senate and White House.

After a detailed endorsement process NN members vote on a slate of candidates, and depending on our resources,we may open offices to stage door-to-door canvassing efforts, telephone banking and polling place literature distribution.  In national elections we may volunteer with a campaign and become campaign leaders in our own wards. We see our electoral work as follow-through on our policy positions and we urge you to join us in these lively campaigns.

Members of the Steering Committee lead this effort overall with teams that focus on researching and interviewing candidates and supporting candidates we endorse.

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Oct 2017

Help Us Rebuild the Philadelphia Democratic Party

THE TIME TO REMAKE THE PHILLY DEMOCRATIC PARTY INTO AN ENGINE OF PROGRESSIVE CHANGE IS NOW EACH OF US CAN PLAY A PART The Philadelphia Democratic Party is ineffective for so many reasons. Let us begin to count the ways: because it does not stand for anything, much less a progressive platform; because it endorses...


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Oct 2017

This November’s Election Matters!

It’s just over a month until the 2017 election. The vast majority of Philadelphians will not vote in it. And that’s a big problem for all of us for at least three reasons. The first is the damage it can do to Larry Krasner and everything he stands for. Yes, Larry Krasner will (almost definitely)...


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Candidate Survey Responses

Neighborhood Networks regularly conducts surveys of candidates for significant local races. Click here to view candidate responses to these surveys.

NN Endorsements

Based on our surveys of candidates, Neighborhood Networks members endorse key candidates. Click here to see our recent endorsements.

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