Electoral Politics

NN understands that political power starts with the committee person, ward leader, city councilperson, district attorney, mayor, judge, state legislator, governor and judge – and that primary races can be more important than general elections. So we endorse and assist down-ballot progressive candidates in primaries and off-year races as well as candidates in the major national contests for Congress, Senate and White House. Our supported local candidates undergo a vigorous review process to be sure they support our platform, ideas and programs.

Based upon our track record from 2004 to the present, NN is a significant player in Philadelphia electoral politics, turning out volunteers in divisions all around Philly, and making a major impact where we do. We take some credit for the heavy Democratic turnout in this city that “kept PA blue” in 2004, 2008 and 2012 national elections.

NN does not get involved in every race; rather, we strategically endorse candidates who will advance our progressive agenda, once elected. We have endorsed and worked for candidates such as Larry Krasner for Philadelphia District Attorney, Helen Gym for City Council, Art Haywood for State Senate, Chris Rabb for State House, Tom Wolf for PA governor, and Bernie Sanders for President in the primary, followed by Hillary Clinton in the general.

There are many opportunities for you to get involved.

We often need help in screening candidates and setting up candidate forums. We usually set up a temporary campaign office out of which we run voter registration, canvasses and phone banks.  Volunteers work in their own neighborhoods, where they know the voters and can build relationships from election to election. We support our volunteers with training and materials and we have a good time in the process.

To join us in working on electoral politics in City elections, join the Philly Politics Action Group. See the Philly Politics Action Group page for more info. To join the group sign up here.   Be sure to select Electoral Politics as one of your areas of interest.

To join the Action Group that specifically works on turning state legislative seats Democratic, mostly in the suburbs, join the Turn PA Blue action group. See the Turn PA Blue Action Group page for more info. To join the group sign up here.
Be sure to select Turn Pa Blue as one of your areas of interest.
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