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There are very few issues at the national level that have profound personal life-and-death implications.  Healthcare is one of them.

Most Americans are much more aware of big issues around health care (access, cost, quality) but they know very little about local healthcare issues. Neighborhood Networks is concerned at both the national and local levels. Locally we watch the health care safety net whether it is our local health centers, hospital takeovers, immigrant health or enrolling residents into eligible programs.  But because health policy is a national issue, much of our effort centers around influencing congressional voting on large healthcare reform issues, such as the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) and the Republican efforts to dismantle it.

NN believes Obamacare addresses coverage issues but does not go far enough. We stand for single-payer coverage with everybody in, nobody out.

NN leaders have been at the forefront of healthcare reform for many years.

We invite you to join us. What ideas do you have on bettering health care locally and nationally?  Join us as we debate and demand quality, affordable healthcare for everyone.

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