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When you add your name to our list you will be joining a committed group of progressive Philadelphians sharing perspectives and working to move our city, state and nation in the path of justice and compassion. Via email, social media and our web site you will be informed of local activities — demonstrations, lobbying efforts, conferences, petition campaigns and door-to-door outreach  — that advance our common goals. See action groups under  Issue Groups  and Electoral Politics to know what members are up to and where you want to focus energy.

In addition to issue and action campaigns, we work hard to elect candidates who share our vision. . You will have the opportunity to help vet and endorse candidates for local, state and federal office. To help you reach informed opinions, our Endorsements and Candidate Questionnaires  pages under Electoral Politics have detailed information on candidates, including judges, endorsements in past elections and statements by candidates seeking office. On our Home page and in News & Events, you can see opinions and perspectives and join conversations about issues, actions and candidates. On our home page event calendar and on the full calendar page, you’ll learn details about new upcoming opportunities to act on our values, and you can submit upcoming events that you think we should post.

Issues and Electoral Politics Groups

You can join specific action committees organized by people with proven leadership and knowledge.  On Issues and Electoral Politics web pages you will learn what other NN members and allies are doing around specific topics and be able to engage in conversation and share information on your chosen issues. We urge every member to participate actively and rise to leadership.

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Special thanks to the website design and development team: Conni Billé, Chris Hill, Heather Johnson, Margaret Lenzi Sean Reid and Stan Shapiro.  And a shout out to the web page moderators and review team Tonya Bah, Conni Billé, Gloria Gilman, Margaret Lenzi, Coleman Poses, Stan Shapiro, and Walter Tsou.

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