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If you value NN’s contributions to the progressive cause and want to increase our effectiveness, please contribute. We are not top-heavy with overhead expenses because we operate almost entirely on the love and participation of volunteers, and without a permanent office. But we do have some expenses, including the cost of meeting spaces for large gatherings, communications and technology infrastructure. And every election cycle we rent office space as headquarters for the constant flow of volunteer phone-bankers and canvassers who work with us, and print copious amounts of material to distribute to potential voters. These things cost money.

Beyond such unavoidable expenses, we recognize that in these particularly fraught times, we need to redouble our efforts, and then redouble them again. That means acquiring a year-round headquarters, and a paid organizer. Although we are widely and rightly regarded as a major force in the advocacy and campaigns we take on, we need to broadly expand our capacity to take on initiatives and become far more effective locally and regionally, on a wider range of campaigns. And that requires more financial capacity.

So please give whatever you can, hopefully on a recurring monthly basis. We promise that every dollar you contribute will be wisely spent in advancing our common goals. And  thanks for everything you do!

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