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The “election” of Donald Trump in November 2016, ignited an attack on many of the basic rights essential to a democratic and just American society. Trump, with the collusion of the Republican Party, has targeted the Four Freedoms named by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Besides attacking freedom of worship and speech, they are going after freedom from want and freedom from fear with all the intensity of the enemies we fought  in 1941: immigrants have been banned for their religion, access to vital health care is being ripped away, environmental protections have been eliminated, voting rights have been restricted and attempts to discredit the press have been incessant. At the same time, the GOP right wing proposes tax cuts for the rich and more guns in schools.  This is not the country we want!

NN IS FIGHTING BACK.  We have joined allies and partners in this city and across the nation to obstruct these draconian initiatives.  We urge you to use the resources below. These are groups that identify current resistance actions and events at the local, state and national level.

Our Resistance Action Group has made and will continue to make Calls to Action at critical points on these issues.  We want to make activists aware of the wide array of things you can do so you can join in, whenever you can.  Together, we will win!

Resistance Resources

Please consult these sites for updates as the events and issues change constantly.

Dialogue on Resistance Action

Please respond to the posts below to join the dialogue.

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